Sunday, September 28, 2008

boycotting: the iTunes store

yep, you heard me... i'm boycotting the monopolist of today's music industry as we know it: the iTunes store.
why the heck have i chosen to do this? well, the answer is simple really. i'm through with buying a few songs for $9.99 (or one song for a mere $.99) and nothing to show for it... when i buy a record, on the other hand, i get a little package of goodness: it gives me a glimpse into the artist's life with thank-you's and lyrics, credits those who have worked on the record and who actually wrote that one song that leaves me inspired and wanting to hear more, and the artwork they've chosen to reflect and represent the record... oh, yeah, and listening to the record all the way through - as the artist intended it to be.
so long instant-gratification... i won't miss you.