Monday, February 23, 2009

in the words of jon foreman...

we were meant to live for so much more. seriously.
i get these spiritual reminders every so often, but for some reason the most recent reminder is leaving its mark - the ink is darker and deeper than times before. and i have no idea why... which i guess i don't need to know why but rather how - how to keep this reminder in the forefront of my mind.
today at work, when a small situation emerged, i watched in awe as people reacted as if the end of the world was upon us. no joke. i had no words... i just kept thinking "am i the only person that knows how small this problem is in the grand scheme of things?" apparently, i was. at least 10 people were all out of sorts because of this one thing. it's like "hello people, we serve the God that parted the red sea, that brought giant brick walls down with the sound of a trumpet, that killed a giant with a tiny pebble.... seriously guys, i'm pretty sure He can solve this problem."
i went about my day in a fog of emotion and frustration... but then realized, if this happened even a few days ago - i probably would have reacted the same way.
God, help me stay in this state of spiritual awareness... i never want to get caught up in the insignificant "problems" that are just meant to distract and derail us from the highway of holiness.

Friday, February 20, 2009

happy friday to me

ive decided that i'm going to leave early today (thanks to all my friends convincing me that leaving early would be much better than working till 5 - how did i not figure that out on my own?). i'm going to jet outta here when the clock strikes 1 or 1:30 (depending on how i feel)... then hang out with the travelin' husband.
i'm really parenthesis happy today (and lots of other days). :)