Saturday, August 11, 2007

divine appointment with the little green bug

Nothing is more annoying than having to put gas in your car, or in this case, my car. If you know me (which I'm sure you do) you also know that I can't stand bugs either. So it was kind of ironic when I was thanking God when those two things collided tonight.
Nic and I were minding our own business, waiting for the pump to stop filling our tank with some pricey oil, when all of a sudden Nic points out a little green bug on his (driver's) window. Oh, cool.... (sarcastic statement in my mind) but Nic insisted I take a closer look at this "really cool" guy. So I lean over to get a better look, and to my actual astonishment I see this little green monster cleaning himself!! Yeah, I thought the same thing you're thinking- I had no idea that bugs clean themselves! I leaned even closer to the little animal. Reaching his little hand to the base of his antenna, he pulled it downward to clean the entirety of his censory device. Lather, rinse, repeat. His antennas were again cleaned to the tip. Then, his microscopic green hands rubbed his face in a circular motion as if to mimick my nightly face-washing routine.
We stared at the green wonder for another 10 minutes and both decided that it was definitely the coolest thing we've ever seen... and probably won't ever see another sophisticated bug cleaning its face and 'hair' so to speak. We couldn't help but think that God sent that green guy just for our enjoyment- to bring us enjoyment at a 76 station... just because. [sigh] Wish you could have been there. Goodnight and good luck (finding a little green spectacle).

Friday, August 3, 2007

early bird with flying colors

As you know, Nic is a musician- meaning he gets to sleep in pretty much every morning (except for those grueling CC Chino Hills Sunday services... ugh...) and I, on the other hand, start the work day at 8am.... and sometimes earlier. Well, today just so happened to be that "sometimes earlier"- I had to be at work by 7:30am... therefore my alarm was set for 6:20am, pretty much an obscene wake-up call for anyone, let alone the musician sleeping beside me. But this morning was different.
At 6:20am, I sleepily find my alarm clock and immediately press the snooze button. To my amazement, the husband next to me greets me with a soft "good morning" and then proceeds to get out of bed to start my shower and then asks what I want for breakfast! Yes! I love my husband! [And, mind you, Nic got home super late last night and has to work a ton today (basically the best example of sacrificial love) mm hmm... anyways....]
With my hair wrapped in a turban of towel, I'm further surprised as Nic hands me a perfect cup of coffee topped with whipped cream... fantastic. As I gather up the last little items to leave, he stops my process to give me a hug and a kiss, and then, of course, "I love you" as I walk out the door.
No wonder I love being married. :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

in the beginning...

Here it is. The start of a blog.
Yes, I could have tried to say something clever to entice readers (if any) to come back... but I figured a simple "hello" is the best way to start any form of communication with someone. And, as it turns out, that's just what I'm trying to do: communicate the ins and outs of this busy life I share with my best good friend (aka Nic the husband).
Hope my tactic works...