Saturday, February 19, 2011


one of my favorite things is going to estate sales and flea markets and finding awesome deals. i decided to share a photo of my night stand because 1) it makes me smile and 2) i wanted to show you how inexpensive it is to get this look...
ok, it actually all started with that clock that i found at an estate sale, which inspired me to redo my bedside nook on a super-slim budget. i didn't want to spend more than $50 total, so i went to estate sales, flea markets, and antique shops, in search of a new table (to replace my drawer-less one), a reading lamp, a little vase for flowers, and anything else that might look cute. :)
it took a few weeks to complete the vintage look i wanted but it was worth the wait... here's a break down of the cost:

clock: $5 (estate sale)
table (w/ drawer!): $10 (flea market)
orange lamp: $12 (antique depot)
glass bottle: $1 (estate sale)
books: $3 ($1 ea.) (estate sale)

grand total: $31 !!!!!
(nearly $20 less than my original budget!!)

i was sooooo excited to find everything i needed for less than what i budgeted... since my budget seemed a little too extreme. so, for all of you that are on tight budgets but would like to redecorate (like me!) be encouraged - there are amaaaazing deals out there!!


Lisa Marcia said...

Love that your back! :) cute nightstand

Amber said...

i love lamp!

nicswife said...

thanks lisa! feels real good to be back :)
i love lamp too amb :) haha thanks