Saturday, August 11, 2007

divine appointment with the little green bug

Nothing is more annoying than having to put gas in your car, or in this case, my car. If you know me (which I'm sure you do) you also know that I can't stand bugs either. So it was kind of ironic when I was thanking God when those two things collided tonight.
Nic and I were minding our own business, waiting for the pump to stop filling our tank with some pricey oil, when all of a sudden Nic points out a little green bug on his (driver's) window. Oh, cool.... (sarcastic statement in my mind) but Nic insisted I take a closer look at this "really cool" guy. So I lean over to get a better look, and to my actual astonishment I see this little green monster cleaning himself!! Yeah, I thought the same thing you're thinking- I had no idea that bugs clean themselves! I leaned even closer to the little animal. Reaching his little hand to the base of his antenna, he pulled it downward to clean the entirety of his censory device. Lather, rinse, repeat. His antennas were again cleaned to the tip. Then, his microscopic green hands rubbed his face in a circular motion as if to mimick my nightly face-washing routine.
We stared at the green wonder for another 10 minutes and both decided that it was definitely the coolest thing we've ever seen... and probably won't ever see another sophisticated bug cleaning its face and 'hair' so to speak. We couldn't help but think that God sent that green guy just for our enjoyment- to bring us enjoyment at a 76 station... just because. [sigh] Wish you could have been there. Goodnight and good luck (finding a little green spectacle).

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