Saturday, October 29, 2011

livin' on a prayer

friends + costumes + karaoke + good food + glow sticks = BEST. PARTY. EVER.
husband and i had so much fun last night - getting dressed up, singing karaoke {oh yes, we performed 'livin' on a prayer' for everyone}, seeing everyone in costume of choice {we were graced with the presence of the beatles, the blue man group, taylor swift, audrey hepburn + fred astaire, woody + jessie, pocahontas, even a montana hunter + deer, an elephant, a robot, just to name a few :)}, and of course dancing {husband busted out some caaarrrraaaazzzzy moves, including the moonwalk}!!

who were we? take a look....

bon jovi + his devoted, adoring groupie! {my shirt said 'bon jovi forever' and yes, husband was shirtless under that leopard scarf and authentic 80's leather jacket}

i didn't want to spend a lot of money on our costumes because we'd only wear them once... {although, after last night, husband asked me multiple times if i could dress like that ALL the time} so i visited two thrift stores and found gold earrings, a black necklace, and a stonewash shirt for a grand total of $2.50!! i picked up a couple of fabric paint bottles and made my own groupie shirt then paired it with black leggings and red shoes that i already had. so, literally, my getup cost less than $5.00! husband's costume was a little more - we got the wig for $8 and the leopard scarf for $9 {which i will totally wear!!}. seriously, i feel like the less money you want to spend, the more creative you can be.

hope everyone has a fun, costume-filled weekend!

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