Saturday, October 15, 2011

a sketch a day...

once i say it, i have to actually do it. ok. here goes. sooooo....
i've decided i'm going to sketch something every day for a year. and post it here. everyday.
(can you hear me taking in a deep breath and slowly exhaling?)
i've just been thinking... why not? i'm in a such a unique, foreign place in my life right now that i just have to document it (other than just journaling about it). i'm not promising masterpieces people - at all - i'm simply saying i'll sketch something that stood out to me or something that i was thinking about on that specific day. i just keep thinking about how awesome it will be at the end of the year, seeing my small yet beautiful life in sketches.
just one thing a day. i think i can do it.

so, to get things started, i obviously sketched my portland mug (purchased on this trip). the last two days have been spent doing taxes in various places, and this little guy has been my buddy - faithfully holding my tea.

happy saturday!

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Anonymous said...

yes! this made me smile, can't wait for tomorrow's sketch!