Friday, December 2, 2011

gift guide :: pretty packages

i think i enjoy wrapping presents as much as giving them. i usually try to go with a different theme every year - like, sweater print wrapping paper tied with lots of yarn + buttons, or brown craft paper tied up with string {...these are a few of my favorite things}. and this year i'm feeling very woodsy... maybe because, oh i don't know, we live in a forest? yeah, could be that. whatever the reason, i'm hoping to find some pine branches back in california {yes, we're heading back for christmas}... now, where i would find those, i have no idea... we'll see. anyways, i thought i would 'wrap' up the week with a few pretty packages.

happy friday + have a great weekend!

1. simple wrapping paper + cute ribbon

2. clear bags + personal message {great for tea!}

3. fabric scraps as bows

4. snazzy tape

5. burlap + twine + leaves

6. flag tags!

7. feather + string

8. craft paper + rafia + pine branches

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