Monday, April 18, 2011

monday pick-me-up: bryan adams

i decided to kill two posts with one stone and combine my friday finds {which was actually a saturday find} and monday pick-me-up because my find has seriously made my week!!
when i showed up on the last day of an anaheim estate sale, i had zero expectations because this place had been practically cleared out. i took a gander through the house and found 3 boxes of records... so i started flipping through the old LPs and to my utter astonishment and excitement, there lay a bryan adams record. for those of you that don't know {which is probably most if not all} - i have always looooved bryan adams. and i am not ashamed. he's awesome. everything i do, i do it for you? heaven? summer of '69? please! he's awesome. aaaand since it was the final day, everything was half off! so, i purchased the record for $.50! woohoo!

happy monday :)

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