Monday, April 11, 2011

monday pick-me-up: feeling french!

for some reason, the french culture has always inspired me and usually helps me get out of my creative lulls... so for today's pick-me-up, i thought i would share a few of my favorite frenchy fixes to fuel some inspiration for the week - 

1} nothing transports me quicker than the lovely sounds of carla bruni
2} this is my favorite candle and just so happens to have a french name :) - caprice de la mode
3} soft, breezy scarves always make me think of the french & this one is insanely inexpensive but feels super luxurious {$4.50 @ forever 21}
4} observing art is always a good pick-me-up and i especially love the work of french artist, edgar degas
5} a good cup of espresso {love this stovetop espresso maker!} paired with a chocolate croissant always reminds me of those quaint french cafes... 
6} i absolutely adore the work of french photog, robert doisneau... doesn't he just capture the essence of romantic paris? 
7} and how could i not include julia child's amazing french cookbook?! she has been a culinary inspiration to me since i was in high school- when my sister and i would watch her tv show on the weekdays and try to get as many cooking/baking tips as we could!
8} but if you'd rather just watch someone else cook up those amazing french recipes, then i suggest watching julie & julia - so many great elements set in the heart of today's destination :)

happy monday!

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