Monday, April 4, 2011

monday pick-me-up: movie recs

the husband and i were both home sick yesterday - so we both camped out on the couch in our sweats and decided to watch a couple of our faves:

....great characters, doubly great music, iconic elements - a restaurant in the heart of paris and, let's be honest, we've all wanted to travel through time in that awesome delorean - and seriously fun stories. love it!

if you're needing a pick-me-up, i highly recommend watching either (or both!) of these movies tonight. i'm sure you've already seen these but they are so good even the tenth time around. :)


JESSE'S GIRL<----- said...

I definitely wouldn't have watched back to the future with out the persistence of you and Jesse!!! Such a good one!!

nicswife said...

haha! just like you wouldn't have watched wall-e or despicable me without the nudging of me and your husband! so glad you didn't refuse any of those :)