Wednesday, May 4, 2011

field notes

i feel the need to apologize for not keeping you in the loop for the last two weeks but it has seriously been crazy madness over here... and where's here? currently, huntington beach. three days ago, costa mesa. six weeks from now, the north. :) i'll fill you in on our travel adventures a little later but today i wanted to feature these cute little ditties i found on our record player last night:

whenever the husband trots the globe sans his wife, he always brings back some sort of goody... and i have to say that these are among the faves! aren't they just beckoning you to document your daily adventures?! well, if these aren't, then i'm sure something on the {field notes site} will inspire you to journal. i think i might order a couple more states... california, oregon, montana.... just to name a few. :))

happy journaling!

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