Tuesday, May 17, 2011

simply spaghetti

when i became gluten-free i thought my spaghetti days were over... which was a sad thing indeed because spaghetti (or biscetti as i used to call it) has long been one of my favorite dishes. luckily, i quickly discovered rice pasta and have been enjoying my favorite pasta dishes ever since. yay!
so after making myself spaghetti today, i thought i would share this super quick, easy, delish recipe with you... hope you enjoy! :)

what you'll need for 2:
   2 cups of organic rice pasta (i used spinach spaghetti to change it up) or desired amount
   1/2 jar of organic marinara sauce {tip: i looove trader joe's organic pasta sauces, i usually get the regular marinara or tomato basil sauce}
   freshly ground salt & pepper {we add kelp just to get in a little iodine}
   crushed red pepper
   parmesan cheese

what you'll do:
- boil pasta for about 7 minutes --- do not overcook rice pasta, it will inevitably fall apart and become just a pile of mush... trust me on this one. :)
- heat up sauce in medium saucepan while pasta is cooking
- drain pasta, serve on desired plates, add sauce, grind pepper/salt over pasta, add red pepper & parmesan cheese
- enjoy!!

.......and if you eat beef, here's an alternate recipe for a meaty marinara, which will also yield a few meals worth of sauce so you can refrigerate or freeze the remainder for an even quicker leftover dinner later on in the week!
what you'll need:
   1 & 1/2 jars of organic marinara sauce
   about 1 pound of organic ground beef {check your local farmers market for the fresh stuff, or just get the organic ground beef at trader's}
   2 cups of organic rice pasta
   1 clove of garlic
   1 tablespoon of olive oil

what you'll do:
- as you wait for the water to boil (for pasta), begin heating the sauce, and heat 1 tablespoon of org. olive oil in a pan then add ground beef and garlic - cook till the meat is 'medium', then add meat to sauce {tip: i always drain the meat before adding it to the sauce to get rid of excess fat}
- follow directions above for pasta
- stir sauce occasionally
- follow directions above for toppings :)
- enjoy!!
- and don't forget to save the remaining sauce in the fridge/freezer and reheat later this week. :)

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