Thursday, May 5, 2011

a pretty journal deserves a pretty pen

since i featured those awesome journals yesterday, i thought i would follow up with a feature on my favorite pens... because every writer needs one of those. :) working at an architecture firm, i was introduced to so many amazing products which, of course, included pens... pigma micron pens to be exact. once i used them i knew i would never want to write with a boring ball-point again... they're perfect! obviously, i still use boring ball-points for bills, checks, etc. but i use these little treasures for all things creative... personally, i prefer the smaller points (01, 02) for most things but 05 is great too.
you can find them at art suppliers as well as online (they're a tad pricey but so-ho-ho worth it!!).

again, happy journaling! :)


David Escalante said...

Pigma Micron are simply the best! If you are looking for a legit highlighter that is pigment based and won't bleed It's the Zebra Zebrite. They rule. Perfect companion to the Pigma.

nicswife said...

awesome!!! i have been on the hunt for a good highlighter so i can't wait try the zebrite out! thanks for the tip :)